Energy production

- Patented hydroelectric turbines for small jumps and flowing water are installed on the barrage dams of the lagoon's emissaries. They produce an overall modest amount of electricity, but more than enough to drive the electric motors that open and close the dams.

When the dams are placed in certain positions, the water, which goes from the sea into the lagoon and vice versa, drives the turbines.

Part of the energy they produce is stored in electric storage batteries, installed directly on the dams or in their immediate vicinity.

The stored energy is available for the operation of the motors that move the dams, for lighting systems and for the operation of devices afferent to the dams.

- Specials wind turbines, with a considerably reduced environmental impact compared to that of the usual three-blade turbines, specifically patented for lagoon and lake environments, produce mechanical energy, which is partly stored as potential energy in a mechanical energy storage plant and in part is transformed into electricity that can be used for technical systems and in part also for domestic users.

- Finally, a system, located in the lagoon or in its immediate vicinity on the land, transforms the renewable energy of the tides in the open sea into mechanical energy, its operating principle is similar to that of the system for the change of water in the lagoon.

Similarly as for wind turbines, the mechanical energy produced by it can be stored in the lagoon energy storage system or transformed directly into electricity.

We are working for an innovative use in Venice of renewable energy, produced with the systems mentioned above and used in the lagoon for the propulsion of boats, by means of innovative propellers that do not cause turbulent and erosive jets of water.