Navigation in the lagoon

If the first objective of the water level regulation system in the lagoon is to avoid the flooding of inhabited places, the second is to allow normal mobility in the same places.

In Venice and throughout the lagoon, mobility mainly means navigability. For the lagoon, for its inhabited centers and particularly for Venice, navigation must always and at all times be guaranteed.

The phenomenon of subsidence that slowly sinks the lands of the lagoon with respect to the water and the phenomenon of generalized sea level rise have made the condition of Venice and the other inhabited places in the lagoon critical.

The phenomenon of high water in Venice, caused by tides of a gravitational nature, and that of the simultaneous action of the wind on the Adriatic Sea, when it blows from southern quadrants, mean that in Venice the water is often high and inexorably even more may be in the future, for the reasons set out above.

More or less traditional barriers, when closed to prevent the water from rising above the safe level of the lagoon, will prevent navigation through the lagoon's inlets, holding Venice in a sort of water siege.

Moreover, overall in a calendar year, this condition increasingly reduces the exchange of water in the lagoon, due to the fact that the flow of water through the emissaries is increasingly impeded and reduced.

The innovative patented mobile dams, which can be opened and closed, when the situation in the lagoon is normal, allow navigation through the inlets without any impediment. When the sea level rises and remains consecutively above the safe level, even for several days, and the dams are closed to protect Venice, navigation is always practicable, at all times, through special compensation basins.

The compensation basins have variable and adjustable dimensions, so that, when boats pass through them, the undesired flow of water through them is as small as possible in relation to the size of the boats in transit.

The variable dimensions of the compensation basins are due to the fact that the vessels passing through the emissaries can have very different dimensions. The dimensions of a freighter or even larger than a large cruise ship are enormously greater than those of pleasure boats.

The patented system for the exchange of water in the lagoon, which can be integrated with the patent that regulates the flows in the emissaries, does not hinder navigation in the lagoon and in the harbor in any way.

The patented system for the exchange of water in the lagoon helps to unblock rivlts and canals, thus improving navigation.