Energy storage

There are two energy storage systems that can be included in the Sa.Ve. for the protection of Venice and its lagoon.

The first system consists of batteries of electric accumulators, which can also be housed on the closing dams of the lagoon's emissaries, which receive and accumulate electricity produced by particular hydroelectric turbines for small differences in height mounted on the dams that close the port mouths.

The energy accumulated by the accumulators is mainly used to drive the electric motors which operate the dams.

The second system, by far the largest, accumulates potential mechanical energy produced by at least one system that transforms the tidal energy of the sea into mechanical energy. It can also accumulate mechanical energy produced by special patented wind turbines for lagoon and lake environments.

The first system provides electricity.

The second system supplies electrical energy, transformed by at least one electric generator, and also can directly supply mechanical energy, for example to directly operate hydraulic pumps without transformation from mechanical to electrical energy and subsequently from electrical to mechanical, thus avoiding loss of efficiency.